By Ian Golden at Glamorgan Wanderers

East Wales won the first ever Wales Rugby League Women’s Origin game, beating West 32-6 in hot conditions.

It was a difficult game for both sides with onfield temperatures nearing 30 degrees. With the most important aspect of this game being it was the next step in the trial process to play for Wales, the decision was made to play the game in four 15 minute quarters.

East Wales took the lead on four minutes. Joeann Maguire getting an unconverted try in the corner.

Charley Mundy’s 24th minute try doubled the lead. Kathryn Salter added the extras this time to put East 10-0 up.

WRU international Raf Taylor ran in under the sticks for a try back for West Wales on the half hour. Leanne Burnell converted.

A fantastic 50 metre run from winger Zoe Lewis extended East’s lead three minutes into the second half. Shaunni Davies converted.

Carys Rhiannon soon stormed through for East’s fourth. Davies converted again.

Lewis ran in her second try early in the second quarter with Davies again converting.

Finally, Maguire set up Helena Michel for East’s sixth and final score that went unconverted.


1. Kayleigh Smith (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
2. Zoe Lewis (Rhondda Outlaws)
3. Helena Michel (Rhondda Outlaws)
4. Charlie Mundy (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
5. Kathryn Salter (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
6. Kirsten Field (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
7. Shaunni Davies (Rhondda Outlaws)
8. Danyelle Dinapoli (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
9. Jess Pritchard (Rhondda Outlaws)
10. Carys Rhiannon (Rhondda Outlaws)
11. Shirey Webley (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
12. Joeann McGuire (Rhondda Outlaws)
13. Stacey Wright (captain) (Rhondda Outlaws)
14. Cerys Hopkins (Rhondda Outlaws)
15. Sara Prosser (Rhondda Outlaws)
16. Louise Isaac (Rhondda Outlaws)
17. Kayleigh Tonge-Jones (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
18. Sian Moore (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
19. Georgina Jones (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
20. Kim Jones (Cardiff Blue Dragons)

Tries: McGuire (3), Mundy (23), Lewis (37, 54), Rhiannon (42), Michel (60)
Goals: Salter 1/2, Davies 3/4

1. Savannah Ahmum (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
2. Minnie Morgans (unattached)
3. Rebecca Llewellyn (unattached)
4. Ceri-Louise Wanklyn (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
5. Caitlin Jones (Rhondda Outlaws)
6. Leanne Burnell (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
7. Laura Keeble (unattached)
8. Em Jenkins (unattached)
9. Em Jay (Cardiff Blue Dragons) (Co-Captain)
10. Sally Bird (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
11. Harriet Cooksey (Co-Captain)
12. Louise Telford (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
13. Raf Taylor (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
14. Karla Benjamin (Rhondda Outlaws)
15. Rhian Stephens (Rhondda Outlaws)
16. Charlotte Hadland (Rhondda Outlaws)
17. Sharon MacDonald (Cardiff Blue Dragons)
18. Ellis-Rae Gibbs (Cardiff Blue Dragons)

Tries: Taylor (29)
Goals: Burnell 1/1

Referee: Kristoff Young
Half-time: 10-6